method valuesForKeysWithNotFoundMarker

array valuesForKeysWithNotFoundMarker(array keyArray,value marker);


Zurückgegebener Wert

This method returns the set of values from this dictionary that corresponds to all the keys in the specified array. The objects in the array and the keys provided have a one-to-one correspondence. If a value is not found for a specified key, a value equal to the specified marker is placed into the returned array corresponding to the non-existent key.
var dictObj = shell.serviceManager.basics.dictionary;
dictObj.setValueForKey("John", "FirstName");
dictObj.setValueForKey("Doe", "LastName");
dictObj.setValueForKey("35", "Age");

var arrayObj = shell.serviceManager.basics.array;

//This result in array with "John", "Not Found", and "Not Found"
//corresponds to the search key field "FirstName", "Address", and "Telephone"
var notFoundKeys = dictObj.valuesForKeysWithNotFoundMarker(arrayObj, "Not Found");